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The Indigenous Health in Australia Sample for Students-Myassingnment

Question: Talk about the Indigenous Health in Australia. Answer: Presentation The Indigenous Australians incorporates the aboriginals and the Torres Strait Islander. These are the gatherings of individuals, comprise about 3% of the all out Australian populace (Smith et al. 2016). There is wide scope of individuals inside the network of the aboriginals. Over 70% of the native people groups live in the rustic zones and in this way don't get the chance to benefit the essential wellbeing and instruction and in this way don't get the opportunity of making financial improvement inside the network (Smith et al. 2016). It is the obligation of government to guarantee that these indigenous gatherings of individuals are not prevented from claiming any types of government assistance programs and get appropriate access to all types of wellbeing and government assistance programs (Smith et al. 2016). There have been numerous cases previously, where these aboriginals and indigenous gatherings are manhandled by the individuals and consequently they are precluded from claiming looking for legitimate wellbeing and instruction care programs from the administration. (Martin Trigger 2015) The administration of Australia accordingly passed legitimate principles to guarantee the wellbeing of these gatherings of individuals. The Northern Territory interce ssion techniques and the Closing Gap Intervention are two of the major lawful approaches actualized by the Australian government for this reason. The current examination plans to depict the two approaches and furthermore give the adequacy of the strategies. The distinction and the likenesses of the two strategies are additionally featured alongside constraints of the two approaches. Northern Territory Intervention Methods The Northern Territory Intervention Methods are the arrangement of approaches that are presented and executed by the Howard Government in the year 2007 (Proudfoot Habibis, 2015). These arrangements were executed in the reaction of the assurance that was requested for the little kids in the Sacred Report. The report guaranteed that the vast majority of the offspring of the indigenous gatherings are prevented from claiming essential wellbeing and training rights and a considerable lot of them are likewise the survivor of disregard and sexual maltreatment. The wrongdoing and social torment of the indigenous gathering of youngsters had arrived at a disturbing rate. (Martin Trigger 2015) The intercession strategies that were embraced by the Australian government have been applied to 73 of the Indigenous people group that live in the northern domain (Keenan, 2013). After the usage of this intercession gauges, the government assistance assets for the indigenous gatherings have been expanded by half.. (Martin Trigger 2015)It has additionally prohibited the utilization of liquor and sex entertainment, which was accepted to be the fundamental driver of the wrongdoing that was submitted against the kids. The legislature has additionally put forth uncommon attempts to energize the investment of the individuals in the native network to build their cooperation in a wide range of network government assistance programs. With the presentation of the mandatory wellbeing check up programs, it is feasible for the social specialists to guarantee elevated level of wellbeing among the all the native youngsters. All things considered, the intercession steps are engaged with different dubious issues that has brought up issue over the genuine motivation behind the execution of this mediation steps. The proviso of this demonstration, which enables the administration to remove the assets and the property of the native network, has been one of the significant discussions of this lawful demonstration. This demonstration was accepted to damage the fundamental degree of human privileges of the individuals and furthermore disregarded the significance of the neighborhood language that and information on the individuals. (Proudfoot Habibis, 2015) The individuals, who chiefly bolstered this demonstration accepts that the circumstance in the northern network had become crisis like and it is additionally accepted to be one of the essential prerequisites of the intercession demonstration. Shutting Gap Intervention The administration of Australia has actualized the Close the Gap intercession crusade in the year 2007, which has meant to diminish the holes in the wellbeing and training status of the aboriginals individuals. . (Gibson et al., 2015). The Council of the Australian government has guaranteed that all the individuals of the native network get the chance to manage all the difficulties they are confronting. It is the obligation of the Australian government to guarantee that all the individuals of get equivalent wellbeing and instruction rights. . (Gibson et al., 2015). With the assistance this arrangement, it is conceivable to diminish the future hole inside an age. The death pace of the youngsters inside the 5 years can likewise be diminished fundamentally with the usage of this arrangement (Ibiebele et al., 2015). It is additionally basic for the native youngsters to get the entrance of essential and fundamental degree of instruction in every single remote territory. Also, to guarantee that all the understudies get the correct types of instruction, it is urgent that every one of them are give the entrance to the schools in every remote zone of the aboriginals network. The strategy additionally intends to bring down the degree of absence of education among the native network understudies to half constantly 2020. The pace of work inside the network likewise should be expanded and in this manner it is feasible for them to make monetary improvement inside the general public (Renzaho Oldroyd, 2014). So as to guarantee the pace of improvement don't gets hampered, the legislature of Australia has made an endeavor to manufacture the structure hinder from the underlying phase of life and it is the obligation of the social laborers to manage a wide range of exercises. The fundamental point of this arrangement is to guarantee that all the Torres Strait Islander can appreciate a wide range of current offices that will assist them with making a wide range of financial turn of events. (Renzaho Oldroyd, 2014) Similitudes and contrast of the two polices Both the previously mentioned government intercession arrangements are meant to improve the personal satisfaction of the indigenous gatherings of individuals or the aboriginals clan of individuals. . (Bawl et al., 2014) The assets for both the intercession programs are given by the legislature and furthermore ensured that they are spent appropriately. With the assistance of the administration strategies, the personal satisfaction of the Torres Strait Islanders can have a wide range of present day offices. The Northern Territory Emergency Response was intended to manage the Northern Territory Emergency Response and it was passed by the Howard government in the year 2007. . (Rix et al, 2014) On the other hand, it is because of the Closing hole intercession was intended to be improve the general life quality for longer timeframe. The previous was intended for the individuals just in the Northern region district. Then again, the end hole intercession is intended to be one of the most significant polices that is intended for assorted types indigenous aboriginals of the Australia. Both the polices have gotten approval analysis from individuals of all area of the general public the same number of them accepts the way that the approaches are intended for the helpful of the legislature instead of that of the native species. (Rix et al, 2014) Adequacy of the polices With the ramifications of both the administration approaches, it is workable for the legislature to get the data about the life and the way of life of the native individuals. The financial and social development rate among the aboriginals has been expanded altogether. The wrongdoings that were held against the aboriginals additionally have been diminished fundamentally. It is additionally because of these approaches that it is workable for the individuals of the native species that the personal satisfaction has had the option to improve. This likewise because of the ramifications of the approaches that the newborn child death rate among the aboriginals has diminished and the proficiency rate has had the option to improve (Saunders et al., 2015). End With assistance of the Northern domain mediation techniques alongside the nearby hole intercession strategy, it is conceivable to improve the personal satisfaction among the aboriginals. The administration had made polices and furthermore allotted the assets for the program. This has helped the aboriginals to appreciate all the essential wellbeing and instructive advantages. Reference Whinny, J. R., Gray, M., Hand, K., Katz, I. (2014). Assessing new pay the executives in the Northern Territory: last assessment report.Social Policy Research Center, University of New South Wales. Gibson, O., Lisy, K., Davy, C., Aromataris, E., Kite, E., Lockwood, C., ... Earthy colored, A. (2015). Empowering influences and boundaries to the execution of essential medicinal services mediations for Indigenous individuals with interminable illnesses: an orderly review.Implementation Science,10(1), 71. Ibiebele, I., Coory, M., Boyle, F. M., Humphrey, M., Vlack, S., Flenady, V. (2015). Stillbirth rates among Indigenous and non?Indigenous ladies in Queensland, Australia: is the hole closing?.BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics Gynaecology,122(11), 1476-1483. Keenan, S. (2013). Property as administration: time, space and having a place in Australia's northern domain intervention.The Modern Law Review,76(3), 464-493. Martin, R. J., Trigger, D. (2015). Arranging having a place: plants, individuals, and indigeneity in northern Australia.Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute,21(2), 276-295. Proudfoot, F., Habibis, D. (2015). Separate universes: A talk investigation of standard and Aboriginal populist media records of the Northern Territory Emergency Response in 2007.Journal of Sociology,51(2), 170-188. Renzaho, A. M., Oldroyd, J. C. (2014). Shutting the hole in maternal and youngster wellbeing: a subjective report inspecting wellbeing needs of transient moms in Dandenong, Victoria, Australia.Maternal and kid wellbeing journal,18(6), 1391-1402. Rix, E. F., Barclay, L., Wilson, S., Barclay, E. R. L. (2014). Can a white medical caretaker get it?Reflexive practiceand the non-Indigenous clinician/scientist working with Aboriginal people.Rural Remote Health,14(2679). Saunders, P. (2015). Shutting the hole: the developing partition between destitution exploration and strategy in Australia.Australian Journal of

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Transferring to Penn (The University of Pennsylvania) TKG

Transferring to Penn (The University of Pennsylvania) Penn’s transfer acceptance rate has hovered around 8% for the past few years. Especially when attempting to transfer into top tier schools, it’s important to keep in mind that 1) they’re only replacing the small percentage of students who left and 2) acceptance rates are low across the board. And if you were out of range to apply right out of high school, one year of good grades in college won’t do much to help because the evaluation process includes high school performance. If you’re serious about transferring and think Penn is the place for you, keep reading. We’ll detail the three required writing supplements, but be sure to check for additional requirements for special programs. Please explain your reasons for transferring from your current institution and what you hope to gain by transferring into another institution. (4150 CHARACTERS)Penn’s first question is broader than the two that follow, but that is not to say that it is a catch-all for unfocused information . Let’s break the two parts of the question down below:“Please explain your reasons for transferring from your current institution”: It’s important to keep in mind that under no circumstance should you talk poorly about your current school. It won’t be well received, and it will ultimately reflect poorly on you because you chose to go to that school. Instead, get honest with yourself about what’s not working. Did you pick the wrong major? Have you fine-tuned your academic interests â€" for example, you started out as a Linguistic major and now you want to study Italian and French? We’re starting with academics because those are the strongest reasons, but that doesn’t mean that personal reasons for wanting to transfer (besides the weather) aren’t legitimate. If you stayed close to come for family or health reasons, and are now comfortable leaving the state, you can write about that here. We often work with transfer students who attend colleges in rural areas, and th ey’re now having issues finding jobs and internships and would prefer to be living in and/or close to a city. IMPORTANT: In order to show Penn that you really are better off there, you need to show them that your current school doesn’t have what you’re looking for. If you’re currently at a school that offers the same exact major with similar opportunities that’s also in a city, they’re going to think you’re just looking to trade up. An excellent example of how to make this argument for yourself can be found here.“What you hope to gain by transferring into another institution”: This is where you write about what Penn has to offer that your current school doesn’t. Spoiler alert: you’re going to write about specific classes in the next supplement, and you don’t want there to be overlap in your work. Here, you want to write in more general terms about things like location, proximity to a city, better job and internship resources, libraries, speaker series, guest lectures, etc. Don’t get too vague (make sure everything you’re writing can actually be found at Penn,) but don’t step on the toes of your second supplement. How did you discover your intellectual and academic interests, and how will you explore them at the University of Pennsylvania? Please respond considering the specific undergraduate school you have selected. (2295 CHARACTERS)This is where you dive into specifics at Penn, and you should start by doing research. Ideally, you already know why you want to transfer to Penn. But you still need to back that desire up with facts. Your response should include: Origin story: We love writing origin stories because they explain your classroom interests, and this is what Penn is referring to when they ask “how did you discover your intellectual and academic interests.” While it’s possible that you feel you were born to be a doctor or an engineer, it’s more likely that something happened throughout your life that made you intel lectually curious about your desired major. Maybe you’re an aspiring journalist who grew up asking your relatives to tell you stories about their life so that you could circulate a family newspaper, or maybe you started designing websites in sixth grade. Whatever your story is, tell them. It should be a small (and zoomed in) story, no one is expecting you to have everything figured out just yet. Your origin story lays the foundation for the rest of your supplement. Two upper-level classes that you want to take: Let’s say that you want to transfer to Penn to study Political Science. Go to the department homepage of your desired major and do a deep dive on the course catalogue. The goal is to find two upper-level classes (this means above 200 level) that you are genuinely excited about taking, and also have good reasons for wanting to take. The classes that you pick should build off of something from your past â€" it could be from classes that you’ve already taken, jobs, interns hips, research, books, or online classes. Include the name and course number of the class, and your reason for wanting to take it. A professor that you would like to work and/or do research with: Similar to the class that you choose, the professor that you write about should have expertise that aligns with your academic interests. In other words, working with them would teach you a lot, and you’re not writing about them to take up space. Look through the professors in your department and do a lot of research, it can be helpful to read their resumes and articles that they’ve written. After naming the professor, you should explain why you would be a valuable addition to their team. Anything else that is specific to Penn (academics only): If you have any other specific academic reasons for wanting to transfer to Penn, such as a research grant or special offering, you should include in here as well. At Penn, learning and growth happen outside of the classrooms, too. How will you e xplore the community at Penn? Consider how this community will help shape your perspective and identity, and how your identity and perspective will help shape this community. (1020 CHARACTERS)Surely you recall dozens of “Why X” school supplements from when you originally applied to college. And if you’re familiar with our blog, you should know that answering that question requires writing about how you spend to plan your time outside of the classroom. Well, your response to this question should address exactly that. It’s overwritten, and the words identity and perspective can be anxiety-inducing, but when we work with transfer students at TKG, we essentially ignore that part of the question because things can get very soapbox-y very quickly when teenagers talk about their identity and perspective. To answer this question, you should find something at Penn that aligns with your extracurricular interests. Start by googling “Penn students clubs and organizations” and then c lick on the first few links. You can also check here and here. The club that you choose to write about should make sense within the context of the rest of your application, which means that if you haven’t taken a science class since junior year of high school, you shouldn’t pick the Robotics club. Make sure that you prove that you would be an asset to the club, and explain how it will also help further your goals.   If you need help creating a transfer school list, contact us here.

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Essay on U.S. Involvement in Darfur - 1886 Words

â€Å"History repeats itself†, is a commonly used phrase and it is one that can be found to hold true in many situations. Throughout history there have been many incidents in which mass murder has occurred. A modern day example of mass murder in a conflict that is ongoing is the genocides occurring in Darfur, Sudan. The corrupt government in the country supports a group called the Janjaweed, which is the militia group that is mainly responsible for the large number of Darfur residents that have been murdered, raped, or displaced (1). Although the exact number is not known, most sources estimate around 400,000 people have died and another 2,500,000 have been displaced (1). The conflict started in 2003 and although it is not as severe as it has†¦show more content†¦There are many valid reasons that support the United States becoming involved in the conflict going on in Darfur. One reason that the presence of the United Stated is necessary is because if the Darfur confli ct is not contained sooner than later it has the potential to become escalated. The longer the United States does nothing to stop the genocide in Darfur the more power the militia group will gain which will not only lead to more death but could create a power that will be harder to control in the future. Recently oil has been discovered in Sudan. This provides the United States with economic interest in the conflict occurring in Darfur. If the Untied States was able to support an end to this crisis and leave a favorable impression on the nation, then they in turn may be willing to aid us helping the United States with oil. In the past the United States has made many empty promises saying that we are going to be active in helping control the conflict that was occurring in Sudan. By sending in help the United States can regain credibility that they will follow through with their word. There are many people who are upset with the way that the United States has chosen to handle this sit uation. They have promised to send aid and resources but have followed with little efforts. The United States could gain respect from those around them and have a major role in a country with growing interest. If the UnitedShow MoreRelatedSudanese Government And State Sponsored Militia Carried Out The Darfur1641 Words   |  7 Pages Darfur is located in the western region of Sudan, adjacent to Chad and Central Africa. In early 2004, the Sudanese government and state sponsored militia carried out the Darfur genocide. The targets of the genocide were black African tribes. The genocide in Darfur has claimed approximately 300,000 lives and displaced over 3 million people. In response to these mass atrocities the international community took action, but many were dissatisfied with what seemed to be a lack of effort. Of the groupsRead MoreGenocides Past and Present Essay1298 Words   |  6 Pageswhere Hitler exterminated over six million Jews based on his anti-semitic views. Elie Wiesel, a Jewish author, has become a very influential man in educating the world of the true events of the Holocaust due to his involvement in the disaster. Presently, a genocide is occurring in the Darfur region of southern Sudan, in which according to Cheryl Goldmark, â€Å"a systematic slaughter of non-Arab residents at the the hands of Arab militiamen called Janjaweed† has been taking place since 2003. (1) Not onlyRead MoreLoss of Life During the Darfur Conflict905 Words   |  4 PagesThe Darfur conflict took the lives of many people. The government didn’t want to deal with what was happening in community so they turned the public against each other as an effort to get the people to blame it on something else, though the government thought that this will have happened anyway and denying all of their effort. History The Darfur Conflict took place in Sudan, Africa. Darfur is 170,000 miles; they have many volcanic high lands. They can get heavy rain fall. â€Å"(1)†The Marrah MountainsRead MoreThe United Nations Is An International Organization Created After World War II1738 Words   |  7 PagesDuring the Cold War, the U.S. and the Soviet Union fought for influence in Africa. Throughout the 20th century, Africa has been in disarray because of power struggles between competing hegemons. Africa in the 20th century has been in constant violence. With a lack of importance in the region the U.N. does not have real interests in Africa. On the other hard the United Nations has a lot more interest in regions like the Middle East, due to oil. At the same time more U.N involvement in a region does notRead MoreCriticism Regarding Amnesty International872 Words   |  4 Pagesadmired and respected as a celebration for its noble causes for human rights across the planet, may have certain questionable traits. From 1961 when English lawyer, Peter Benenson founded the organization, to the opposition of the military involvement of the U.S in Vietnam, all the way to the release of Aung San Suu Kyi in Myanmar, Amnesty international has been inseparable with any of these events (Amnesty International). However, there have been questions about the purity of the motive and alsoRead MoreGenocide: The Worst Humanitarian Disaster Essay2655 Words   |  11 Pagesdifferent streets, with our stomping and chanting rising above the all-important buildings of the nation’s capitol.One! Two! Three! Four! End the genocide in Darfur! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Any longer, it’s too late! Barack! Obama! We will work to help you! Barack! Obama! They need change in Sudan too!† I am a voice for the victims of Darfur, I am a voice for the innocent, silenced victims being killed and tortured every day by genocide and the ones who have been forced to face it in the past. Read MoreThe Darf ur Crisis Essay3078 Words   |  13 Pagesaccepted that nation states have valid concerns in protecting their borders and populations within from external threats, be they military force or manifestations of problems stemming from disease or economic hardship. Recent events, including the Darfur Crisis, have highlighted threats to people, occurring in foreign nations to which realist political theory does not adequately offer solutions. A situation that people around the world growingly object to. R2P seeks to address this situationRead MoreSurviving Children Who Now Have Posttraumatic Syndrome Disorder856 Words   |  4 Pagessurviving children who now have posttraumatic syndrome disorder (Johnathan, 2011). The last part of Kenneth Burke’s pentad is the purpose. The purpose of the film was to bring awareness to the U.S. involvement in Cambodia. Prior to the release of the movie, we knew little about how U.S. policies spilled over into Cambodia. The film made a human connection with the genocide of many Cambodians. The purpose was to shed light on the villains who were Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge (Magid 112). AnotherRead MoreSuccess and Failures of Peacekeeping Operation in Africa3960 Words   |  16 Pagescalled with ‘The Dark Continent’. This was particularly true in West Africa, where longstanding cultural and trade ties cross national lines. The international community often responds to such chaos by sending in peacekeeping troops. The crisis in the Darfur region of Sudan and less-than-transparent governments and ongoing uncertainty in Sierra Leone, Angola, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) are just some examples of how was UN peacekeeping operations in Africa have been through. UntilRead MoreAncient And Modern Day Olympics1335 Words   |  6 PagesOlympics in 2001,it was a considered great victory. An article from Live Science, written by Heather Whipps, states that â€Å"controversy marred the lead-up to the games, however, with protesters calling for boycotts of Beijing due to China s involvement in Darfur, Sudan, and ongoing tensions in Tibet, not to mention human rights concerns in China itself. Expecting rallies during the event, organizers in Beijing set up designated protest zones for demonstrators to do their thing without disrupting

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Pre Assessment Quantitative And Qualitative Data Essay

Combined approach. Once the data from both the quantitative component and qualitative component had been summarized, the two sets of results were compared. The pre-assessment quantitative and qualitative data sets were reviewed to look for convergence. The two post-assessment data sets were similarly reviewed. The changes from pre- to post-assessment were reviewed together to look for similarities, differences, anomalies, and possible future areas of study. Additionally, the data as a whole was considered to determine what descriptive narrative it implied. Differences. The original research design underwent some changes to adapt to the changing situation with the organization. Participant demographics. The class was designed based on having a larger percentage of internally promoted employees in class. While the majority of new managers in class were internal promotions, they were not the majority of the overall class population, due to a couple unexpected non-manager participants. This likely skewed the results, due to both the data gathered from the unexpected participants and to the change in experience the target participants had, having non-target population members in attendance. Additionally, a larger participant group was anticipated overall. Due to scheduling conflicts (specifically summer vacations), and to an unexpected slowdown in promotions and hires, two scheduled classes were cancelled and the overall participant number dropped to less than half of what wasShow MoreRelatedQuantitative And Pre Post Test Design Essay856 Words   |  4 Pages The quantitative method for this study is being used because of the statistical, arithmetical, or a numerical study of facts gathered through surveys, and questionnaires (Babbie, 2010). The quantitative will allow to measure before and after. This quantitative research is significant because it will statistically show the number of teachers that improve with a before and after test design. The methodology will be a Quantitative Quasi-Experimental Pre-Post Test Design. AccordingRead MoreRationale For Methodology For Quantitative Research1071 Words   |  5 PagesMethodology The quantitative method for this study is being used because of the statistical, arithmetical, or a numerical study of facts gathered through surveys, and questionnaires (Babbie, 2010). The quantitative will allow to measure before and after. This quantitative research is significant because it will statistically show the number of teachers that improve with a before and after test design. The methodology will be a Quantitative Quasi-Experimental Pre-Post Test Design. Read MoreHow Teacher Development Influence The Self Confidence For The Beginning Mentees Teachers Essay933 Words   |  4 Pagesfrom professional mentoring development? RQ 4: Is there a difference in the change of self-worth on novice teachers who have gone through the professional mentoring development? Significance of Study The purpose of this quantitative quasi-experimental pre-post, test study is to test to what degree teacher mentorship development influence the self-confidence of beginning mentees teachers. The potential outcomes of mentor teachers mentoring novice have shown to be successful in researchRead MoreEvaluation And Outcomes Of Inquiry Based Learning Essay1457 Words   |  6 PagesTo better understand mixed methods design and its role in my field, I chose to review â€Å"Implementation and Outcomes of Inquiry-based Learning in Mathematics Content Courses for Pre-service Teachers† by Laursen, Hassi, and Hough (2016). The following discussion provides the selection criteria, and an article summary, and evaluates the article based upon the 11 review criteria used in the Journal of Mixed Methods Research’s review process. The selection of this article relied on specific criteriaRead MoreEvaluation Of A Mixed Methodology1537 Words   |  7 Pagesa Chicago suburb. The quantitative data was represented by pre- and post-assessment scores from a standard type state assessment. The qualitative data was based on information in the student journals and teacher-researcher evaluations and comments. This action research project utilizing mixed methods appears to have been satisfactorily achieved and provided a good quality of data, analysis, and interpretation of results. C. Methods of Data Collection Methods of data collection for this projectRead MoreEvaluation Of A Student s Phonic Skills Essay1130 Words   |  5 Pages The following assessments were conducted on a first grade student, Max (pseudonym), who attends Poplar Hill Elementary School (pseudonym). Max is seven-years-old, and has attended Poplar Hill Elementary School since Pre-Kindergarten. He receives speech therapy services once a week since first grade, and is missing his front bottom teeth. He performs on a beginning reader (BR) reading level, and a below grade level for mathematics according to his student progress report. Word Study Letter NameRead MoreEvaluation Of A Program Evaluation1227 Words   |  5 Pagesidentify the goals, data and instrumentation, data analysis, and dissemination of the program evaluation. Goals of the Program Evaluation The first goal of the CBT program is to identify methods for implementing CBT on to military bases to support military personnel who have been diagnosed with PTSD. The first data point supports the goal through a qualitative focus group with the deliverance of a psychoeducation on PTSD to military personnel and their families. A second data point to support theRead MoreHow Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) React to Music1744 Words   |  7 PagesQualitative and quantitative methods allow researchers to investigate, explore and inquire the nature of the phenomenon being studied. It is important that the researcher develops a clear understanding of the problem and design a plan to investigate it (Cresswell, 1998, para. 1). There are a variety of research methods; nevertheless, it is important to consider which research method is appropriate for the study. Qualitative research focuses on human experiences while quantitative research reliesRead MoreAdvanced Home Care s Customer Care Center1142 Words   |  5 Pagesneeds assessment to be completed. The turnover rate in the department was more than 40% and the number of patient event/concern forms for employees in the department was extraordinarily excessive. The decision to conduct a needs assessment was made because the purpose of a needs assessment is to â€Å"determine the difference between current and desired states† (Click4ut unitar learning and training wiki. (n.d.). Needs Assessment). It was the hope that in doing a needs assessment there would be data thatRead MoreThe Situation, Background, Assessment And Recommendation ( Sbar ) Model For Communication Between Health Care Professionals820 Words   |  4 Pages This writer has chosen for critique of quantitative article on â€Å"The Situation, Background, Assessment and Recommendation (SBAR) Model for Communication Between Health Care Professionals: A Clinical Intervention Pilot Study â€Å" by Blom, Petersson, Hagell, We stergren, 2015. Critiquing is a systematic method of Michael Coughlan, Patricia Cronin, Frances Ryan appraising the strengths and limitations of a piece of research in order to determine its credibility and/or its applicability to practice

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Children Should Be Tried As An Individual Juvenile...

There’s an old saying, â€Å"don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time†. Our youth is doing the crimes, not realizing the true consequences of their actions; hence their immaturity. â€Å"Per a 2011 report on the National Institute of Corrections, 250,000 minors wind up in the adult criminal justice system each year.† (Hannum, 2016). But that does not mean, they should be tried as an adult for their crimes. Nor should they get off easy because they are under the age of eighteen. You can pick any day of the week, about 10,000 of our children are being put in adult prisons and jails. (Hannum, 2016). Nearly every year, the FBI arrest more than 33,000 young adults under the age of eighteen for offenses.† (Khan, 2010.). It’s time for society and our†¦show more content†¦But they know eventually they will have their privileges returned. But to say they truly understand that if they go to commit a crime that they may lose their f reedom, they don’t think it can happen to them. â€Å"Recent research by psychologists demonstrates that, relative to adults, adolescents are: less likely to foresee the consequences of their actions, more influenced by peer pressure, more likely to act rashly and without thought about their behaviors, and less likely to comprehend the law and their legal rights.† (Kupchik, 2007). Problem Two Secondly, it being based on race/ethnic background of the juvenile and not based on the crime or the individual person. How many times have you watched television and seen a Caucasian, African American and Latino person commit the same crime but the charges may differ and the sentencing is not equal. Of the three nationalities, the Caucasian will be charged with the same crime but received the least amount of time. The African American is going to receive the most time of all three. Our judicial system is set up to fail in minorities. â€Å"Transfer laws exacerbate the problem of racial/ethnic imbalance that plagues the justice system. Research of transfer to criminal court generally finds that African American and Latino/a youth are more likely to be transferred to criminal court than white youth, even when controlling for their offenses and their prior records. This discrepancyShow MoreRelatedJust Mercy Essays : Juveniles Being Tried As Adults1407 Words   |  6 Page sIn Contrast to Bryan Stevenson’s â€Å"Just Mercy† stories of juveniles being tried as adults, Jason Zeidenberg in the article â€Å"The Risks Juveniles Face When They Are Incarcerated with Adults† strongly emphasizes the dangers and consequences that juveniles face when they are tried as adults. Zeidenberg states the consequences of juveniles being raped, assaulted, committing suicide and the effects of being victimized. Children who are housed in the same facility as Adults is not a good idea nor a goodRead MoreShould Juveniles Be Tried as Adults? Essay867 Words   |  4 Pages1301-279 April 29, 2012 Should Juveniles be tried as Adults? There are many controversies that surround juveniles being rehabilitated rather than going through the adult justice system, but studies show that juveniles are not fully developed to be tried as an adult. One of the main questions that it always boils down to is â€Å"should juveniles be tried as adults?† in my opinion juveniles should not be tried as adults because of their age. First, I believe that juveniles should not be tried as adults becauseRead MoreCriminal Crime : A Crime, Assault, Burglary, And Assault1476 Words   |  6 PagesWhen hearing about a crime that has been committed, individuals do not tend to think about spending time with that criminal. This is on account of the individual portrayed as a criminal, one who has the mentality of perpetrating a rough offense. Regardless the age of the criminal, he or she in any case would be an unappealing party to those that are â€Å"model citizens.† Felony crime is characterized by the Department of Justice as â€Å"crime, assault, burglary, and attack† (Legal Dictionary). AccordingRead MoreThe Main Aim Of Eradicating Criminal From The Society1439 Words   |  6 PagesJuvenile Crimes The main aim of eradicating criminal from the society is to enhance peaceful coexistence among people and to aid development. In this regard, individuals who fail to fit in this setting should be eradicated regardless of their age and made responsible for their actions. Releasing murderers, rapists, and other criminals from jail after serving a lenient and short sentence does not rehabilitate them in any way. In this regard, all those who are engaged in criminal activities that riskRead MoreThe Juvenile Justice System Design A Program That Will Fit Into The Kids Lifestyle957 Words   |  4 Pagesset of guidelines, the state can acts as a guardian for individuals who are unable to care for themselves, such as children. In this policy, the state act through a Juvenile Court Judge when a child is delinquent, abandoned or need parental care. Also â€Å"Parens patriae† occur if the natural parents are incompetent to control their children. In this case the juvenile justice system design a program that will fit into the kids lifestyle as should have been done by his or her natural parents. 2. WhatRead MoreJuveniles Should Be Tried During Adult Court1383 Words   |  6 PagesRaven Leal Ms. Huber AP Lang/Comp 6 6 March 2015 Juveniles Should Be Tried in Adult Court Kenzie Houk had everything going for her. She was twenty-six, engaged to the love of her life, and was eight-and-a-half months pregnant. In the late winter of 2009, her four-year-old daughter waddled in her bedroom, hoping to surprise her mommy with a good morning smile. Instead, she found her mother with a bullet through her head. Eleven-year-old Jordan Brown, the soon-to-be stepson of Kenzie Houk, was arrestedRead MoreCrime And Juvenile And Adult Crimes1019 Words   |  5 PagesIn today’s criminal justice system in the United States, there is a lot of dispute between what the qualifications are for juvenile and adult crimes. Some believe that the only difference is age. Others say it is the severity of the crime. It’s obvious that when adults commit crimes, whether they are a misdemeanor offense or a felony, they pay for it. The confliction comes when a juvenile commits a crime. What exactly determines if they are tried as an adult or a juvenile? Does it vary by stat e-to-stateRead MoreJustice : Age Or Actions?1643 Words   |  7 PagesJustice: Age or Actions? In our society, a juvenile is eligible to vote at the age of 18, allowed to drive in some states at the age of 16, and permitted to drink at the age of 21. Therefore, it is logical to determine that a juvenile under the age of eighteen is mature enough to be charged as an adult when they commit violent crimes (Chiou, 131). According to the Justice Department, about ten percent of homicides occurring in the United States are committed by juveniles under the age of eighteenRead MoreEssay on juvenile violence903 Words   |  4 Pages Juveniles Tried As Adults 1 Juveniles Tried As Adults 2 Trying juvenile criminals as adults is unfair. Juvenile offenders are not as cognitively developed or mature as adults and, therefore, should not be held accountable for their crimes in the same way adults are. Many tough-on-crime advocates call for certain juvenile crimes to be automatically heard in adult criminal courts with convicted criminals subject to sentencing under adult standards. Such proposals focus on theRead MoreThe Juvenile Court System Should Be Abolished1489 Words   |  6 Pagesfirst juvenile court was established in 1899 as a part of the Juvenile Court Act. It was founded on three principles: juveniles are not ready to be held accountable for their actions, are not yet fully developed, and can rehabilitate easier than adults. In all but three states, anyone charged with committing a criminal act before his or her eighteenth birthday is considered a juvenile offender. Now more than ever, states and countries have begun to question the reliability of the juvenile court.

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Sex and Violence in the God of Small Things Essay free essay sample

Violence in â€Å"The God of Small Things† â€Å"The God of Small Things† by Arundhati Roy, a novel taking place in India, is a story which revolves around the death of a young girl, Sophie Mol. The author wrote this based on the problems happening in India. Sex, and violence, two contrasting ideas, though they are the main themes throughout the novel. Beautiful yet appalling, such as; the molestation of a child, tragic affair, sexual trade, and incest. In the novel, the family was going out to the theatre to watch The Sound of Music, being a child and enjoying the Musical so he sung along. Estha was told to be quiet, but he didn’t, so Ammu sent him out of the theatre, and told him to continue singing out in the cinema foyer. Estha went out and continued to sing the songs from the movie, by himself. He woke up the Orangedrink Lemondrink man, who was behind the counter sleeping. We will write a custom essay sample on Sex and Violence in the God of Small Things Essay or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Soon, after the Man asked Estha to come to him, so Estha approached him. They had a chat, and he offered Estha a free drink, though Estha had to do something for him in return. It says on page 103, â€Å"â€Å"Now if you’ll kindly hold this for me,† the Orangedrink Lemondrink Man said, handing Estha his penis through his soft white muslin dhoti, â€Å"I’ll get you your drink. Orange? Lemon? †Ã¢â‚¬  (103) We later find out that Velutha and Ammu has an affair. Though their affair was amazing, Velutha’s life ended with a catastrophic death. He was beaten up to death for having to confess about killing Sophie Mol, although, she drowned in the river, by accident. It wasn’t even Velutha’s fault. In the novel, we then find out the reason why Ammu has left her husband. Her husband was an alcoholic, â€Å"Her husband turned out to be not just a heavy drinker but a full-blown alcoholic with all an alcoholic’s deviousness and tragic charm. †(40) Through this quote, Roy uses strong adjectives like â€Å"an alcoholic’s deviousness† and â€Å"tragic charm†. She also uses rich languange, such as a metaphor; â€Å"not just a heavy drinker but a full blown alcoholic†, which helps the reader to understand how much of an alcoholic Baba actually is. When Baba is on the edge of losing his job, his boss decided that if Baba were to want to keep his job, he would have to let his boss sleep with his wife, Ammu. Without thinking, he agreed to his boss, and later on told Ammu about the deal. Ammu, burst into anger, took the heaviest book that she could find, and threw it at her husband. â€Å"Ammu took down the heaviest book she could find in the bookshelf† (42) Ammu could have just thrown a book, but showing how angry she was she took the â€Å"heaviest† and â€Å"threw† the book at her husband. Because of Baba’s boss, Ammu and Baba separated, though this must not have been the main reason. Though, this drove Ammu to the edge, until it made her want to run away. Towards the end of the book, it is revealed that Rahel and Estha make love, though their incest is outrageous, Roy, portrays that the act of lovemaking is beautiful throughout the novel. She makes it more eccentric by making the Twins, Estha and Rahel, do it. They are doing so out of â€Å"hideous grief†. It’s as though in order to overcome all their disgraceful acts, they feel as if they would need to do something equally as appaling.